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Reading comments, tutorials, etc. it is noted that glass has all kinds of different characteristics and I'm finding that to be true working with the various colors in a sample pack. For us novices, is there any consistency based on color or degree of transparency? I find greens to be stiffer, reds and yellows softer but semi transparent in any color really stiff, almost crystalline. Is there any kind of reference on these properties or are really just random?

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Hi KTB, I guess you just laid out future plans for what you can work on. LOL! I'm not sure if anything like that exists. The issue is two things. One, each brand's stiffness is different, and two, different types of torches will impact the "stiffness" of the glass. If you ever switch to an oxygen/propane torch (and I'm assuming you're on a propane only torch), the stiffness with be far less noticeable within a brand. Devardi Glass does tend to be stiffer overall than other brands. And using a propane only torch, that becomes more apparent. 

Hope that helps a bit.

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