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I'm very new to lamp working and in fact have just finished some not horribly ugly beads. How do you get the mandrel hole clean? I can see release on the sides of the hole but soaking and a pipe cleaner don't seem to remove anything. Am I trying to get them too clean or is something like a Drexel reamer needed? This forum has helped me tremendously, by the way, so thanks to everyone for sharing info.

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Hi Ken, the easiest way to clean bead holes is by using the mandrel itself as a reamer. First, remove the bead by holding the bead and mandrel under running water. Hold the mandrel with a set of pliers in the middle of the mandrel. With a cloth, grab the bead and slowly twist back and forth until it loosens and comes off. Then, place the mandrel back in the bead hole and ream the bead hole back and forth under water. This not only cleans the bead hole, it cleans the mandrel as well. 

If you'd like to do touch up later, a Dremel type grinder with a diamond bit can be useful. 

Best of luck.

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