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My beads are getting more consistent and the "donut" shape is much better. I still don't quite get a symmetric shape though. The donut is great on the side facing my hand but still seems to want to round out a bit on the side towards the mandrel end. I put my beads into vermiculite to cool and I'm wondering if pushing them in could be causing my problem. Or if theres some other reason. Any thoughts?

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Hi KTB, be sure when you put your beads into the V or a cooling blanket that they are not glowing red by any means. They are still too soft if they are glowing. Take the bead from the torch and wait several seconds until the bead is no longer glowing in low room light, and then add them to your V or blanket. 

Once you pull the beads from the torch, you still have time to inspect them to see if they are nice and round before you have to put them in the V. I would double check then to be sure they are round. 

You may wish to check the donut shaped marvers on our marver page. They make donut shapes perfectly every time.  [smile]

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