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Hey all,

Could you be so kind and share the annealing shedules that you use. Specifically a devardi schedule... and a mixed glass schedule.. ie devardi and effetre or devardi and CIM.


Fine Folly

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Here is what Devardi recommends on their site at the link below.  Hope this helps!


For best results with Devardi Glass, we suggest you anneal your project immediately when you finish it. This is especially important if you are blending Devardi with other COE 104 glasses  Although we have had great success cooling beads in a blanket, annealing offers the best protection.

For best results, evenly heat your bead or project to a dark red glow immediately when you are done, especially if you are combining other types of COE 104 Glass with Devardi Glass.  Evenly heating it to a dark red glow will greatly prevent the possibility of cracking since the glass is above the annealing temperature and all one temperature. This gives the glass a chance to blend properly between the types of glass or colors.

Place the bead into a preheated kiln at 950 – 970 degrees. Annealing will take place in about 30 minutes soaking time at this temperature. After this soaking time, we suggest at least a 3 hour cooling period to room temperature. Longer is even better. Less time also seems to work fine, but we prefer at least 3 hours.


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